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Ryley Walker

Tuesday 27 November

Ryley Walker

Andrew Tuttle (solo) + Container

Tuesday 27 November

DOORS – 7:30pm
CONTAINER – 8:00pm

Deafman Glance,
the follow-up to 2016’s Golden Sings That Have Been Sung, is the second Ryley Walker album produced by LeRoy Bach and Walker himself. It was largely recorded at the Minbal Studios in Chicago, with some later sessions taking place at USA Studios and in LeRoy’s kitchen. Ryley plays electric & acoustic guitars and was joined by long-time 6-string sparring partners, Brian J Sulpizio and Bill Mackay, who both play electric.

“I was under a lot of stress because I was trying to make an anti-folk record and I was having trouble doing it. I wanted to make something deep-fried and more me-sounding. I didn’t want to be jammy acoustic guy anymore. I just wanted to make something weird and far-out that came from the heart finally. I was always trying to make something like this I guess, trying to catch up with my imagination. And I think I succeeded in that way — it’s got some weird instrumentation on there, and some surreal far-out words.

The last record was cool but I was still figuring out what I was good at. But I’m fucking 28 years old, I’ve got to figure out a sound, figure out something that I enjoy doing. So this record is a little bit more grown up. Ol’Ryley’s just workin’ on bein’ a better Ryley.

I think more than anything the thing to take away from this record is that I appreciate what improv and jamming and that outlook on music has done for me, but I wanted rigid structure for these songs. I don’t want to expand upon them live. There’s a looseness to some of the songs I guess, but I didn’t want to rely on just hanging out on one note. It’s so straight-forward that I can see a lot of people really not liking it to be honest. But I’m so happy, I’m happy that it’s completely different and unexpected.”

Andrew Tuttle is a best-kept secret of the Australian underground. A composer, improviser and collaborator, his third, self-titled album, is an expression of his life in music and a reflection of life in his home city of Brisbane. The album is lilting, elegant and delicate – the sound of joy and imagination. There’s a wide-eyed sense of positivity and discovery throughout, inspired by dream-like states, considerations of what it means to grow as an artist and as a person – and of a more considered understanding of how the passage of time impacts on both.

In Tuttle’s world, folk and bluegrass rituals, ragas and drones cozy up to electronic technology like they’ve known each other their whole lives. Tuttle dwells in a between world of ambient and folk genre that feels like a community all of its own. Holding a space that is tropical, abundant and generous, Andrew Tuttle makes outsider music that turns its listeners into insiders — beckoning a journey inwards which unfolds many heart-opening moments along the way.

Container is the stripped-down, beat-oriented electronic project of Ren Schofield, who sculpts vicious punk sonics into raw jackhammer rhythms.

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Doors 7:30pm

Tickets £15 +bf adv.


275 Pentonville Rd, London , N1 9NL

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