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Sunday 15 September
Moth Club
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Sunday 15 September

DOORS – 7:30pm
LEGGY – 8:30pm
PILE – 9:30pm

Pile is a rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. Started as a solo project by Rick Maguire back in 2007, Pile released Demonstration, a 10 song demo and Jerk Routine in 2008 before expanding their line-up. Wanting to be able to tour on the material with a band, Maguire attempted to find some other players. After some shuffling, the band found a cohesive line-up with Kris Kuss (drums), Matt Becker (guitar), Matt Connery (bass) and Maguire (guitar, vocals). In the eight years since, Pile has released several acclaimed albums, Magic isn’t Real (2010), Dripping (2012), You’re Better Than This (2015), and A Hairshirt of Purpose (2017), in addition to two highly sought after EP’s and the Odds and Ends (2018) collection. Since coming together as a full band in 2009, Pile have toured as much as their lives collectively allow, playing nearly 1000 shows spread out over the US, Canada, the UK and Europe.

On 3rd May Pile shared their brand new album Green and Gray.
A lot of guitar rock bands with two female vocalists garner comparisons to Sleater-Kinney these days, but Cincinnati trio Leggy might be the only band who truly deserve the mantle. Like the mighty S-K, Leggy’s scrappy songs oftentimes feel like they’re being held together by sheer force of will: harmonies all akimbo, lyrical patterns unhinged from whatever the guitars are doing, and song structures that shift like quicksand with only a locked in rhythm section serving as a safety rope.

On the band’s latest release, the grimy and compelling Let Me Know Your Moon, Leggy’s unconventional approach to garage pop proves to be a powerful one, especially when they let their freakier tendencies out to play, which (lucky us!) is pretty much on every song.

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Doors 7:30pm

Tickets £9.50 +bf

Moth Club

Valette Street, London, E9 6NU

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