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Tuesday 14 September
Sebright Arms


Alex Loveless

Tuesday 14 September

DOORS: 7.30pm
PACKS: 9.15pm

As always, we encourage the taking of a test prior to attending the show and ask that you do not attend if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19. Mask wearing is not mandatory, but also encouraged when moving around the building, at the bars, using the bathrooms etc.


Toronto’s PACKS make music that’s like leafing through a diary entry of a time without visible movement, a subtle beauty that appears only when paying close attention. Less a band that is a product of the internet than one whose quiet and acute observations make them impossible to be ignored, the quartet led by Madeline Link has carved out a growing space past the Canadian country lines where their initial demos were born.

Throughout the chaos of everyday life, it’s impossible not to feel charmed by Link’s innate understanding of the little things that make the universe tick, and her sonic accompaniments make the simple task of getting from point A to B a journey that lends a little more spring to your step. Most daydreams feel less realistic; in PACKS’ world the two are just what you make it.

The band play their debut London show at Sebright Arms on 14th September. Tickets are free but do not guarantee entry – please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

+ Alex Loveless

Doors 7:30pm

Tickets FREE

Sebright Arms

31-35 Coate St, London, E2 9AG

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