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Bird On The Wire

Blanck Mass

Thursday 27 April
Rich Mix
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Blanck Mass

Egyptrixx + Tom Furse (The Horrors) DJ

Thursday 27 April

DOORS – 20:00

2016 was a beast of a year, from musical behemoths dying at a rapid rate to a period of such political turmoil that such realities we now face would have seemed like an obscene joke only a few years ago. If a beast has been awoken then it is wild and untamed, chewing and gnawing at civilisation, compassion and progression.

In World Eater Benjamin John Power – one half of Fuck Buttons – through his third album as Blanck Mass has made a reactionary and representative record of a year teeming with anger, violence, confusion and frustration. “World Eater is a reference to both the inner beast inside human beings that when grouped en-masse stops us from moving forward towards good, and a reference to human beings themselves and their place on the planet.” He says of the inner and outward consuming beast. “The beast is highly territorial and violent. It is very clear to me that the beast remains an ever-growing presence and threat. We have to understand and control the beast before we turn the world inside out and destroy it.”

Through seven tracks it becomes an emotionally varied and dense record that asks as many questions as it answers. A record planted equally in fear and hope, perhaps an apt sign for what the future holds, as Power says. “Fear and hope are both parts of our human make up, but it’s the way that we act upon these feelings that is of concern to me – to understand the beast or to become the beast.”

Last year saw Blanck Mass play an intense, moving set at Oslo. We’re delighted to welcome Benjamin John Power’s project to Rich Mix this April.

Egyptrixx is celestial club music; jeep music for a Saturn desert…there is an exhilarating right-but-wrong tension in all the tracks – a shifting balance between melodic and dissonant, rapturous and antisocial. The music is primitive, minimalist – fixated mainly on texture and weight. Smudged facsimiles of club music; crude and abstract grooves.

Doors 8:00pm

Tickets £12.50 +bf adv.

Rich Mix

35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London, E1 6LA

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